My heart can’t go on.

19 Oct

It’s a Titanic reference.

This is appropriate for a few reasons. First, because pairing videos of dramatic events with music from the movie is a bit of a craze at the moment, which should prove that I’m up to speed with current events. Second, because the last time I managed to put my svelte (read: puny) forelimbs to the keyboard I wrote about Clive Palmer’s attempt to build a replica. Long story short, the boat sank (not literally, well, ok the REAL one did, the movie didn’t, Clive’s boat just been abandoned), and I’ve been watching television.

I’ve lamented in the past about the frustrations of finding modern, cosmopolitan and well-read Tyrannosaurus Sexies. This, regrettably, has caused me to seek romantic satisfaction by, um, other means. That’s right, I am a Bachelor/ette viewer. I tried to find out whether there was an appropriate label to identify myself as such (you know, like “Gleek” or “Father Tedophile”), alas google just says “tragic loser”. Nevermind.

I won’t get caught up in the detail of the current series, but I have heard that people are tuning out. I can’t blame them, either. Between the last season of The Bachelor, the current season of The Bachelorette, and the US presidential election, my regal heart can’t take any more schadenfreude-seeking.

I doubt viewers, outside of those familiar with the contestants, watch these shows because they are interested in the outcome. I suspect the reason is to derive pleasure from others’ misery from the safety of our living rooms. I see a similar thing happening with the current election in the US. Most of the coverage has avoided policy like a stegosaurus avoids a jumping castle, in the same way that footage on The Bachelor/ette avoids anything approaching a normal conversation between two people. No, we want to watch tears, tonsil hockey, gaffes, and nasty people getting their comeuppance.

So it’s been four years and that’s where are. Titanic II never got the chance to hit an iceberg, and the campaign to elect the most powerful person in the world is a rough analogy of a reality tv show, but with less sex (despite Donald’s playboy ways).




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