The scourge of humanity

30 Sep

I don’t have a daughter (Tyrannosaurus sexies are rarer than a straight dilophosaurus). However, if I did, I would probably lock her in a basement from age 12-17 (not in a Fritzl way, mind you). These emotional timebombs have a greater impact on society than probably any other demographic. It is, most assuredly, more than they deserve. It is because of these pubescent prima donnas that we, as a society, will have to explain to future generations what a One Direction is, and why we let it happen on our watch.

I’ll admit my aforementioned strategy is probably a little on the extreme side (extreme times though…), so maybe I’ll just deny them access to a phone. We rexes are ready-made social pariahs, so this should be easier for me than for the puny humans. No phone, no voting for big brother (really), x-factor/Australia’s got talent (nothing like an original idea), and any other number of completely fucked, un-Australian, crap factories. Now I’m not saying that if we as a collective stood up and said “ENOUGH” to these dateless dropkick dictators, that it would necessarily result in the end of crappy talent quest shows. And I’m not saying that if it did, that the programs “created” by these “creative” “people” who “work” for the networks would be any better, but I doubt they’d be any worse.


Surely that’s a gamble that we can’t afford not to take.



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